July 23, 2011


And welcome to my new blog! After three years blogging on Tumblr, I've finally decided to open a new, let's say "real" blog. Lately I've been feeling that I need a space to talk about my work in a more personal, organized way... and where it's also easier to be in touch with my readers. But I'm still in doubt wether to keep this blog in english, or make it bilingual in spanish. Let me know your thoughts about this, please :D

Besides of talking about freelance ilustration, I'll be blogging about other things I love like photography, art, cinema, knitting... and of course, kittens! And no, this doesn't mean I'll stop using tumblr, I love it too much to let it go. I'll still keep it as some sort of scrapbook. Well, here we go!!!!


  1. Hi Julia! I like bilingual blogs, where there is a nice English translation right after the Spanish would be lovely! My Spanish is very rusty, I suppose that's why I have this reasoning... So sweet this photo of your baby! xo Mia

  2. Hi Julia! Bring on the inspiration! xx

  3. Hello Mia!!! Hello Cristina!! It's great to see you here. About the language issue, I'm still not sure if I should keep this space in english only. Maybe I'm too lazy to write each post twice?

    Maggie was so tiny and sweet here, just a wee baby :D

  4. Hello Julia!
    You write in whatever language you like, dear, because I can always use Google translate. ;)

    Looking forward to more posts! xoxo

  5. Thanks for the feedback, Charlyn! I hadn't thought of Google translate... definitely I'm keeping this place in english. Hugs!