August 10, 2011

The listener

This is the finished illustration of the sneak peek from last week. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, and I feel like I'm going to use this style a lot in the future. It was very freeing and fun to color in Photoshop instead of using Illustrator.

Also, lately I've been thinking of selling prints of my artwork (besides my Gocco prints), but I'm not sure where to start. Do you have any advice?


  1. it looks more vintage than your older work:)

  2. i've never sold my prints, so i dunno...

    i love her hair, and she looks pretty :)

  3. Ada, thank you, I like that :)

    Indira lakhsmita, I'm glad you like it!

  4. Julita, I think online is great because you can reach a greater number of people. Would you like to work with a Gallery?

  5. I've never thought about it, really. But it's a good idea! I'd like to sell some of my originals, most of them are languishing in my drawers.