September 21, 2011

Weekend in Porto I

Last weekend I was in Porto visiting my dear friend Cristina Regadas. We spend three days walking, shooting, talking and eating good stuff, it was amazing. And I really fell in love with Porto, I'm already daydreaming about living there. These are a few film shots from the first roll, taken with my Contax 139Q.

In other news, there's free worldwide shipping in my Society6 store until sunday. It's the perfect chance to get one of my prints!


  1. Julita, me encantan las fotos! My portuñol is super, of course! We miss you, Porto misses you! And it's lovely to see the city through your eyes!
    Hm, that camera has the right size for me, I think :D
    Big big hug, querida!*

  2. !!!! Looks amaaaazing, dear Julia!!

    I can't wait to visit Porto in Oct!!!


  3. Cristina, yes, that camera was made for you, I think!! Porto is an amazing city, really, I'd erally love to move there... sigh! Beijinhos :**

    Charlyn, you're going to love it, I'm sure!!! It's also the perfect place for crazy cat ladies like us ;D