April 4, 2012

Djeco 2012 catalog

I just got the Djeco "Design by" catalog for 2012, with the project I made with them inside. I still haven't seen the final product myself, and can't show you most of the details, but you can see a sneak peek of how it will look on the second photo. I'm very excited to see this finally.

Also, some random photos of new yarn for a fair-isle project, and Maggie being chill next to one of my favorite artworks at home, the "Cat Moves" poster by Lucy Knisley. It never fails to make me laugh everytime I see it, I think that her ginger cat and mine are so much alike!


  1. OoooOOO!!! Djeco looks great, J!
    And Maggie is such a beautiful lady. ;)

  2. that poster awesome!
    although Djeco's target clients are kids i actually buy a lot of stuff from them :P

  3. Pero qué buena pinta tiene ese catálogo ;)!

  4. Thank you Charlyn!!! :D

    Querido diário: I really love their stuff myself too. They have some pretty great homeware like plates, cups, wall decals, etc :)

    Isa: No veas la de cosas chulas que hay dentro! :)