January 22, 2013

Pick your own party

Here's some new work I've done for American Girl Magazine's January/February 2013 issue. I illustraded a double spread article titled "Pick your own party", with recipes for fun and simple party treats as well as decorations and games for making your party more fun. I also illustrated a door hanger with a couple of cute birds and an insert color-in poster with the same theme as the party spread. This was such a fun commission, thank you Paula! :)

You can see these illustrations with more detail in my portfolio.


  1. I want to go to that party! ;D

    Great work, dear J!

    1. Don't forget to bring Miss Fig!!!

      Thank you for your sweet comment, Charlyn :D

  2. Justo iba a decir que las quería ver más grandes! Me gustan mucho:

    - siempre quiero la ropa que llevan las chicas de tus dibujos.
    - me quiero comer todos esos pasteles aunque no sean de verdad.
    -Me encantan los pajarillos y el póster. Voy a ver si la encuentro por aquí ^_^


    1. Gracias Jennifer! No quería poner aquí todas las imágenes porque son demasiadas, iba a quedar un post gigante!

      No veas cómo me lo pasé yo documentándome para dibujar los pasteles... Y dibujar todos esos sprinkles fue una locura!! ;D

      Tú serías la la chica que baila en el póster con las medias de polka dots.

  3. it's so interesting to have worked at AG and then to come across your work! i think it's so cute! i love your little ladies.

  4. awww... thank you so much, Miranda! I really love working with AG, it's always lots of fun :D

    Oh! And welcome to my blog!