September 17, 2013

Cooking Club book cover

I recently illustrated this book cover for Simon & Schuster publishing. Unfortunately, they changed their minds in the last moment, but I had lots of fun doing this, I always enjoy the process of working in watercolors. Below there's a quick character study I did in gouache, which kida makes me thing that I like my roughs better, does it happen to anyone? Anyway, I took lots of progress photos that I'll be showing here soon, stay tuned!

Also, I updated my portfolio with lots of new images of my last book. You can check them here :D


  1. I love this especially because I like to imagine this will be us in November...

    Wheeeee! xoxo

  2. Love this! Can't wait to see your progress photos!

    1. Thank you dear! I had forgotten about the progress photos, I promise I'll be making that post soon :D